How Is It In Australia Thanks To Marc Raaz

Welcome to our “How Is It? Worldwide Edition” concept. Our country today is Australia. Our guest is Marc Raaz from Australia. In this interview, you will learn what awaits an entrepreneur in Australia thanks to Marc Raaz.

Let’s learn about Australian entrepreneurship!

  • Could you briefly tell us about yourself?

My name is Marc Raaz and I’m the founder of myG. I started my carrer as a C++ developer, then I turned to the dark side and became a manager. I enjoy working with people, specially tech people, hence why I’ve continued down this path. I’ve attained my MBA and having done so I’ve managed to get bitten by the entrepreneurial life.

  • Could you briefly tell us about your initiative?

myG is a social network site for video gamers. It designed for gamers to share, connect and improve. Imagine if Discord’s UI was mixed with FB, thats what myG is.

  • What does the definition of Entrepreneurship in your country mean?

Entrepreneurship means solving a problem in a unique way that noone else has thought of. Australia is very supportive of small business and it has the resources and the infrastructure needed to support business owners and the economic and financial policy are put in place to foster growth.

  • What are the easy and difficult aspects of being an entrepreneur in your country?

Easy aspects are the fact their are all of talented people and most of them are looking for a great idea to get behind. The most difficult aspect would be the lack of VC’s. Trying to secure Seed funding can be a very diffcult process.

  • What is the path an entrepreneur must follow in order to establish his/her company?

There are no standard paths. Ensure you’re doing it for the right reasons, if you love what you do, you will be succesful. Surround yourself with people whom are smarter than you and always be open to critism and new ideas.

  • Is there a support state support for entrepreneurs in your country, and if so, what are the conditions?

Financial assistance or grants tends to be reserved for nonprofits, social services, educational endeavors and specified research.

  • What are the tax obligations an entrepreneur will face?

Same as any small business, no special treatments

  • Can people from abroad undertake such start-up projects in your country?


  • How much money does the entrepreneur earn on average?

Not much, I’ve yet to earn anything in the past five years.

  • What are the conditions for receiving investments in your country?

Prove your idea works.

  • Any advice you want to give to our readers?

I’d recommend getting a formal education, especially an MBA as it gives you a solid foundation to build your company on.

Thank you very much to Marc Raaz for this interview and for telling us about Australia. We hope the whole world will know myG. 🤗

You can access myG’s website here.

You can access myG’s Linkedin account here.

You can access Marc Raaz’s Linkedin account here.

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