Google Buys Epic Games

In order to avoid competition, Google began purchasing Epic Games.

Epic Games and Apple have been one of the most popular cases of recent times. A discussion started between Apple and Epic due to the share taken from the stores, and it was thought that Epic Games was creating unfair competition in the market. This case has become a serious situation that has been taken to the courts. However, Apple was not the only company in a lawsuit with Epic Games.

During the Apple and Epic Games cases, Google and Epic Games were at odds as well, but instead of going to court, Google decided to take a different approach and wanted to buy Epic Games to complete the job.
All of these events were carried out in secret by Google. If you’re wondering how we know this, the answer is simple: Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney claims that they are unaware of any attempts to buy the situation. Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney, stated, “We were also unaware of it at the time. As a result of the court judgment, we now know that Google is considering purchasing us in order to prevent us from competing with Google Play”said.

“Senior Google Play officials” also made proposals to Epic about forming an “exclusive arrangement” for Fortnite in the file. Epic Games’ dramatic process appears to be continuing. Epic Games appears to be waging a major assault on Apple and Google. The battle has only just begun.

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